Outdoor Lifestyle = Outdoor Gear

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Matching Your Outdoor Gear with Your Lifestyle!

An active lifestyle is a wonderful thing, but there’s no question that having the right gear is crucial if you want to fully enjoy everything that the Great Outdoors has to offer. This is true whether a person is testing out a new outdoor hobby for the first time, trying to invite others to share in their passion, or simply get the most out of the activities they enjoy. Whether camping or hiking, fishing or hunting, or doing something else entirely while outside, taking the time to buy higher quality gear up front will help insure much better results while out and about.

Good Gear Vs Bad Gear

Two tents aren’t equal. There can be huge differences in the durability, comfort, and design between two pieces of gear. Bad gear can let an outdoorsman down when they need it most and that changes the experience. Ever have waterproofing on a tent fail when it rained multiple days in a row? Ever have a trekking pole snap while trying to make it over a challenging section of trail? Ever have the line snap after hooking a big fish?

Some experiences can’t be avoided but there’s no question that good gear helps prevent the most frustrating of experiences and can often at least minimize the chances of them happening often. If a person only camps a couple weekends a year then some basic gear might be good enough, but for frequent campers they will want to invest in a higher quality tent.

This goes for any type of outdoor gear: premium is better for frequent and more challenging use.

Matching Gear with Outdoor Activities

If an individual loves camping with their family, something like the Coleman Signal Mountain tent might be a good option since it is designed for quick setup while also offering plenty of space. On the other hand for back country hikers or people who like going solo, a big heavy tent doesn’t make any sense. In addition to weight and consideration issues, someone who camps or hikes during colder times will be much warmer in a small tent and sleeping bag where their body heat is much more contained.

Depending on the length of time doing something, the challenge level, or the specific potential obstacles, different gear will be necessary. Even in general activities like camping, hiking, or fishing, the exact style will make a huge difference in figuring out the specific type of gear that is best fit for what they need.

Better Gear for Better Results

Cheap gear isn’t built to last. That’s how a person can buy a $20 tent, but there is no way that tent is going to last if it is used heavily. There’s a reason high end tents focus on the type of polyester, canvas, or other materials used. There are some that are simply stronger and more resistant than others.

Prices aren’t at random and while it can be tempting to go for something cheaper, in the long run it generally isn’t worth it.

In Conclusion

The outdoor life is amazing, and making sure to get the right gear for any given situation is going to go a long way to making sure the experience is the most rewarding, as well!