Some AR15 Barrel Info & Benefits

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The AR15 gun barrel you purchase will have a huge impact on your performance and accuracy. They are most commonly made of a steel alloy or a blended option that has Vanadium, which is known for boosting the strength of the barrel. The lining of the barrel’s bore is lined with chrome and this is there to protect it from becoming corroded. There are barrels available that range from 4-24 inches and this will determine the amount of dwell time a bullet will have before exiting the muzzle. The length of the barrel will be an integral part of determining what type of ammunition should be used.

AR15 barrels are well known for offering users one of the highest levels of accuracy. While they are more expensive than others on the market, this is warranted since they are manufactured with such precision and care. These barrels are offered in a number of different coatings and finishes and each one offers a different experience, so you will have to determine what your needs are prior to making a purchase. It will also be your responsibility to select the best twist rate. This depends on the type of ammunition that has been used. Do not forget to consider the gas system length when trying to select the right barrel.