Slingshots 101: How To Aim And Use One Properly


As a child, you may have seen slingshots being used in famous movies and cartoons, causing you to have wanted one for yourself at some point in time. Hitting objects from a distance and being a sure-shot shooter with a slingshot is a pretty cool conversational piece as well, especially considering how difficult these are to use properly.

Being a deadly piece of hunting gear, slingshots can be dangerous if you don’t read up on how to use them or if you buy the wrong ones. Some come with low build qualities, making them highly susceptible to damages, which you don’t want when you’re trying to launch something with force! When used correctly, these are one of the best choices for hunting and survival, and can even assist with bow training in the long run!

For Beginners: Get a Wrap-Around Slingshot

A slingshot that wraps around your wrist is important if you are a beginner. This is because it takes away the stress from your wrist caused by pulling the band back, making aiming easier. When your wrist experiences fatigue from heavy use, your ability to aim will be significantly affected, so be sure to get a slingshot that has a wrist wrap. 

Always Inspect the Tool for Wear and Tear

When using any piece of hunting gear, whether it be a rifle, bow, or your trusty slingshot, be sure to check for any damages that can cause injuries on your person. Remember that bows and slingshots propel their ammunition through tension, meaning any snaps can be painful or even fatal!

How to Use a Slingshot

Before use, always take note that what you are holding can be deadly when used, therefore should only be aimed at proper targets or game, and never other humans or pets! The first step is to hold the tool horizontally and stiffen your wrist a little bit. Practice drawing the pouch towards your cheek as you use your eyes to aim at the target. Exhale deeply as you release the pouch to avoid any tremors or beats from your heart that could potentially mess up your aim.

The best part about the slingshot is how well it works as a survival weapon. Ammo can range anywhere from rocks, small pebbles, or even little steel balls that pack a punch. This piece of hunting gear can be stowed and drawn quickly thanks to its size, which makes it a fine piece to own for your hunting kit. 

When firing, your selected ammo choice should be planted in the center of the pouch, which should always be released with a stiff wrist and a properly angled fork. 

Difficulties of Shooting

Like any projectile fired or expelled from a hunting weapon, gravity will always play its course at distances. High-powered rifles and heavy bows are less susceptible to the forces of gravity thanks to the joules they put out, which prevents projectile drop at shorter ranges. On the other hand, slingshots have a very slow trajectory speed, and the points of impact are difficult to discover. This is why it is more difficult to use as compared to other pieces of hunting equipment. 

There is some guesswork involved, but most are scientific—which makes the slingshot a skill-based tool. If you can master the slingshot, you can practically use almost any weapon for hunting. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Slingshot

The slingshot requires a properly aligned set of prongs and bands to fire accurately. This means that any kind of twist or jerk by the shooter’s hands will cause the ammo to miss its target completely. Not only will the shot be missed, but the prongs can be broken due to misuse, causing it to fly and cause harm to the things or people around it.


Slingshots are some of the best pieces of hunting equipment available. They are extremely versatile in terms of what they can shoot and can be stored easily with the rest of your hunting gear. Be sure to pick one up when you can, and remember that slingshots are no longer just the children’s toys you used to know. 

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