What to Wear When Kayaking – Our Buyer’s Guide

man kayaking

Wearing the right kayaking clothing can make all the difference between a successful and bad experience. From your choice of headgear to footwear, the weather condition primarily affects the suitable gear you need when taking on a water sport like kayaking. 

You need something that won’t get you too warm, cold, sunburned, or windburned, so dressing the part is all about getting an accurate weather forecast before hitting your kayak. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave a storm in your closet as the guide below should point you to the perfect outfit for kayaking success: 

Consider the Right Top According to the Weather 

Short-Sleeve Shirt or Long Sleeve Shirt for Warm Weather on Cold Water 

When going on a kayaking adventure under warm, open skies on cold water, it’s best to prepare your body by wearing short sleeves to ensure you won’t get too hot. It’s especially necessary if you don’t plan on getting wet, though it’s better to pack up some long sleeve shirt in your bag just in case.

Speaking of which, long sleeve shirts with an option to roll up into short sleeves are even better, especially if it comes with a UPF rating to ensure breathability and durability. 

Shell for Cold Weather on Cold Water 

Wearing layered long sleeve clothing when kayaking under cold temperatures is crucial while doubling it up with a tough outer shell ensures your skin is protected from the harsh winds and biting cold of the water. It should be waterproof, windproof, urethane-coated while still maintaining lightweight and breathable properties. 

When choosing the best shirt for any weather, be sure to pick lightweight fabrics made from quick-drying synthetic, UV-resistant material. 

Consider the Right Bottom According to the Weather 

Shorts or Pants for Warm Weather on Cold Water 

The same rule generally regarding the ideal choice for tops regarding the weather applies to your bottoms. When kayaking on a hot, sunny day, wearing UPF protective shorts from Outfitters Mega Shop can provide sun protection to your outfit. 

Meanwhile, pants are the go-to choice or back-up in case the hot weather turns chilly, so be sure to pack it in your bag in case the temperature drops. As for pants, some of the best materials include canvas, nylon, or polyester with flexible fabrics for extra layers. Of course, windproof and waterproof properties are a must in both types of bottoms. 

Outer Shell for Cold Weather on Cold Water 

If you’re a thrill-seeker who is looking to venture out under freezing skies and cold water, shell pants like the _ are a perennial favorite among rookies and experts alike. You can easily pull over the outer shell over your shorts or pants, allowing you to keep warm and comfortable even on winter-like days. 

In Conclusion: Wearing the Right Kayaking Clothing Can Make or Mar Your Experience 

When choosing the ideal clothing and gear to wear when kayaking, the best way to achieve the perfect look that fits the part is to base your options on the weather and water temperature. Doing so as a beginner can be tricky, but the guide above should point you to the right aisle when shopping for your first kayaking adventures. 

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