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5 Common Types of Outdoor Ropes – What to Choose

climbing rope

Outdoor activities won’t ever be complete without the use of ropes. Whether for hiking, marine adventure, or mere outdoor decoration, ropes have various uses and applications. For the most part, we are well-acquainted with the climbing ropes, which are exactly what they sound. However, did you know that there are different types of outdoor ropes […]

Hunting Essentials: 3 Different Ways to Do Boresighting

hunting rifle with scope

Boresighting is a highly effective technique that allows you to measure and adjust your rifle’s precision and accuracy for long distances when out hunting. It’s a method that enables you to have a reliable reference point in sighting your gun to save you time and ammunition on calibrating it through test shots. Although boresighting isn’t […]

Backpacked & Hunting Ready: How to Prepare for a Backpack Hunting Trip

hunter and dog

Becoming a backpack hunter is something that needs all the necessary preparation and essentials to pull off successfully. You are essentially planning for two separate trips here: hunting for your animal of choice and camping. The wilderness is admittedly for the select few who truly love to ruff it out and find fulfillment in outdoor […]